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7 Step-by-step Guide to Install Microsoft Office 2007 System

7 Step-by-step Guide to Install Microsoft Office 2007 System

Insert the Microsoft Office 2007 Installation CD into your CD drive. After a few seconds of copying installation files to your computer, the installation will begin.Install-MS-Office-2007

Here are the 7 steps to successfully install Microsoft Office 2007:

1. Get started.

Insert the Microsoft Office installation CD that you have purchased into the CD / DVD drive of your computer. The installation process starts automatically after a few seconds.

2. Place the product key.

You will first be asked for the Office 2007 product key. Enter the 25-digit product code correctly and click the Continue button.

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3. Agree to the software terms.

The following screen shows the Microsoft software license terms. Click on the “I accept the terms of this agreement” checkbox. Then click the Continue button.

4. Select the Installation option.

The following screen shows the installation options for the 2007 Office system. You have two options to choose: Install now and adjust. Click on the “Install now” button.

The Customize option allows you to choose the Office applications that you want to install so that you have the option of not installing a specific application.

5. The progress of the installation.

This installs the Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise edition. During the installation process, a progress bar is displayed that shows that MS Office is currently installed on your computer and that it takes some time to complete.

6. Complete the installation.

The following screen shows that the 2007 Office system has been successfully installed. You have the option to go “To Office Online” or simply “Close” on the screen.

Simply click on the Close button to complete the installation. Click the Go to Office Online option to connect to the Microsoft Office site for more help.

7. Remove the installation CD.

You can remove the Office 2007 installation CD from your CD / DVD drive and start using the new Office system.

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