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MS Office: Steps to Install and Use It Most Conveniently

MS Office: Steps to Install and Use It Most Conveniently

Since time immemorial, MS Office has been the most important software package that has provided you with all the necessary tools and platforms to read, compile, edit and produce your important office documents. Whether it is your annual report or the presentation that you are going to give at the next meeting of the council, it is always the MS Office applications that have come to your aid. It would be pretty difficult to use documents on your PC effortlessly and efficiently without MS Office instead of documents. If a software package is now so important to a user, it must be very useful to know about it and learn how to install the installation file. We are about to do this in the following sections.Microsoft customer support

MS Office: what?

For the minority who don’t know what MS Office really is, MS Office is an office package of applications, services, and servers developed by Microsoft. Announced in 1988 by Bill Gates, the first version of MS Office contained only three name states: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office Setup and Microsoft PowerPoint. Gradually over the years the applications have become much alike in terms of shared functions such as spell check and grammar check etc.

How easy to install the MS Office installation?

There can be many ways you can install MS Office on your PC. But let’s stick to the simplest, most convenient, and most correct way, by buying it. The following are the steps you must follow to ensure a successful installation of the installation file on your desktop.

• First of all, you must make a retail purchase from Microsoft Office or purchase the product online.

• You receive a key for the office product. In the case of a store purchase, this can be found on a card in the package. Online buyers can find their key on their confirmation email or Microsoft account page. Have the product key handy.

• Go to the MS Office Setup page by opening office.com/setup in your internet browser.

• Enter the Office product key where necessary within the settings page.

• You must then log in with your Microsoft account. If you don’t have one, you can always make one for free. The advantage that you get is that Office is connected to your Microsoft account, making successful download possible in the future without having to enter the key. You can always start downloading in the future by going to office.com/my account.

• You will find an ‘install’ button on the page. If you click this, the Office installer will be downloaded to your computer.

• Then click on the ‘Run’ button to start the installation. For Mac users, it is advisable to double-click the MicrosoftOffice2011.dmg file that can be found in your download folder.

• Follow the instructions and follow the flow during the installation process. Click on ‘next’ to continue in the installation program.

• As the installation process starts, you must stay online while Office performs the download and installation.

• Click on ‘Everything is done!’ During the installation process to successfully complete the installation.


Article Source: www.office.com/setup

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